Prophetic Video Archive –

Prophetic Video Archive

May 2017 Breakthrough Prophetic Word:

April 2017 Breakthrough Prophetic Word:

Miracles in the Mantles – Prophet Russ Walden

March 2017 Breakthrough Prophetic Word:

The Chaos Decision – Prophet Russ Walden

Resuscitating the Prophetic – Prophet Russ Walden

February 2017 Breakthrough Prophetic Word:

Prophetic Word for the Year 2017:

January 2017 Breakthrough Prophetic Word:

December 2016 Breakthrough Prophetic Word:

November 2016 Breakthrough Prophetic Word:

October 2016 Breakthrough Prophetic Word:

September 2016 Breakthrough Prophetic Word:

Break the Curse of Poverty and Loneliness:

There is No “007” Anointing:

Getting Out of the Stuck Place:

August 2016 Breakthrough Prophetic Word:

Getting on Auto-Pilot with God:

Outpacing the Enemy into Pure Blessing:

Hear Oh Heavens, Hear Oh Earth:

July 2016 Breakthrough Prophetic Word

As He Is – You May Be Also – Prophet Russ Walden

Jesus is Asleep in the Bow of Your Boat – Prophet Russ Walden

June 2016 Breakthrough Prophetic Word

What Change Looks Like

Urim and Thummim: God’s Internal Guidance System:

Anticipating God’s Faithfulness

Stepping Out of Bounds in Pursuit of God:

Discerning Your Season in God:

Manifesting the Substance:

Breakthrough Prophetic Word for May 2016

Breakthrough Prophetic Word for April 2016

When God Makes Up His Jewels:

Daily Prophetic Word:

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Monthly Breakthrough Prophetic Word:

Updated at the first of each month!

Prophetic Word for 2016

Prophetic Perspective on 2016

Prophetic Word to Canada and the First Nations People

Prophetic Outpouring Among the Amish

Interview with Prophet Michial Ratliff for June 2015

Prophetic Word Speaking into the City Church and the Coming Awakening:

Bonus Audio – Prophetic Destiny of a Woman:

Prophetic Word for 2015

The Coming Great Awakening – Prophetic Meeting Branson Missouri August 2014

Breakthrough Prophetic Word for August 2014:

Mantles, Upgrades and Downloads:

The Barricades of Offense are Coming Down!


Audio Message from September 30th: The POSITIVITY of the PROPHETIC

June 14th: Our Latest Prophetic Teaching:

Breakthrough Prophetic Word for June 2013

May 31st Prophetic Small Group in Las Vegas

Dealing with Arrogance in the Prophetic

Breakthrough Prophetic Word for May 2013

Redding Prophetic Conference – Prophet Kitty Walden

In November of 2012 Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden embarked on a 12 city prophetic tour of the US. Our assignment was to dismantle illegitimate authority and release mantles of ministry and breakthrough everywhere we went. In April our travels brought us to Redding to join with one of the directors of our ministry Prophet Tim Fox who hosted a prophetic meeting in a public venue. Tim introduces Kitty as she opens the meeting with a powerful testimony of the goodness of God in our lives.

April 2013 Breakthrough Prophetic Word:

Prophetic Gathering in Huntsville, Alabama

Prophetic Gathering in Birmingham, Alabama

Prophetic Gathering in Atlanta Georgia:

Prophetic Directive Released in Augusta Georgia

Prophetic Word Given in Columbia South Carolina:

Recent Prophetic Teaching:

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