Apostolic Nurturing

Apostles bring the Fathering influence of God into your life. They tackle the tough questions and never skirt an issue.

Streaming and On-demand Resources:

On-Demand Videos:

Man Plans – God Directs:

Rivers of God in You:

Meet Apostle Ricardo Watson:

Walking into the Latter Rain:

The Matt Lauer Scandal – A Prophetic Perspective:

Race, Violence and the Answer from Heaven:

Eyes to See – Ears to Hear:

5 Moves or Waves of the Spirit

Man, Woman, and the Wheel within the Wheel:

Moving from Chaos to Confidence:

The Establishing Ministry of the Apostle:

The Redemptive Nature of Agape:

Knowing Him – Knowing Yourself After the Spirit:

The Proverbs 31 Woman:

Redeeming the Time:

The Bread of God:

Defined by Reconciliation: