Apostles bring the Fathering influence of God into your life. They tackle the tough questions and never skirt an issue.

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On-Demand Videos:

Defined by Reconciliation:

The True God-Fathers:

What is in a Name?

Being the Vessel Sent by Him:

The Power of the Sending of God:

Press into the Pressure – Break Out into the Kingdom:

Double Portion: Taking Your Territory in God:

Understanding of the Spirit in Man:

Creating a Zion in the Earth:

New! Let the Living Water Flow:

God Plants the Heavens:

Moving as a Sent One of God – Apostle Don Matison

Multiples in Christ – Apostle Don Matison

Enlarging Vision – Sue Matison / Kitty Walden

Soldier of Fire:

Our Place in Christ:

What is Shaping Your Life?

Being of No Reputation:

Overseeing the Ground God has Giving You:

Embracing Apostolic Wisdom

You are the Darling of God:

Apostolic Ministry and Stewardship:

Labor: Blessing or Curse:

Opting in to Apostolic Culture:

Your Identity in Christ (Part 2)

Your Identity in Christ (Part 1) / Apostolic Culture
Apostle Don Matison and Prophet Russ Walden

As the Ministry Increases – So Must the Intercession:

Re-Membering Jesus:


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