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At you will find insights and perspectives from the heart of a spiritual father. Paul the apostle made the observation:

1 Cor 4:15 – Even though you have ten thousand teachers in Christ, you do not have many fathers, for in Christ Jesus I became your father through the gospel.

These messages speak to the paternity of Father God in your heart and life to equip you with understanding and revelation on current events and issues.

Apostle Don Matison and Prophet Russ Walden:

“They that Go Down to the Sea in Ships…”

Apostle Ricardo Watson and the Miracle Mountain Vision:

The Intoxication of God’s Favor:

Meet Apostle Ricardo Watson:

Rivers of God in You:

Walking into the Latter Rain:

The Matt Lauer Scandal – A Prophetic Perspective:

Race, Violence and the Answer from Heaven:

Eyes to See – Ears to Hear:

5 Moves or Waves of the Spirit

Man, Woman, and the Wheel within the Wheel:

Moving from Chaos to Confidence:

The Establishing Ministry of the Apostle:

The Redemptive Nature of Agape:

Knowing Him – Knowing Yourself After the Spirit:

The Proverbs 31 Woman:

Redeeming the Time:

The Bread of God:

Defined by Reconciliation:

The True God-Fathers:

What is in a Name?

Being the Vessel Sent by Him:

The Power of the Sending of God:

Press into the Pressure – Break Out into the Kingdom:

Double Portion: Taking Your Territory in God:

Understanding of the Spirit in Man:

Creating a Zion in the Earth:

New! Let the Living Water Flow:

God Plants the Heavens:

Moving as a Sent One of God – Apostle Don Matison

Multiples in Christ – Apostle Don Matison

Enlarging Vision – Sue Matison / Kitty Walden

Soldier of Fire:

Our Place in Christ:

What is Shaping Your Life?

Being of No Reputation:

Overseeing the Ground God has Giving You:

Embracing Apostolic Wisdom

You are the Darling of God:

Apostolic Ministry and Stewardship:

Labor: Blessing or Curse:

Opting in to Apostolic Culture:

Your Identity in Christ (Part 2)

Your Identity in Christ (Part 1) / Apostolic Culture
Apostle Don Matison and Prophet Russ Walden

As the Ministry Increases – So Must the Intercession:

Re-Membering Jesus:

Activating Your Gifting

Moving Into Your Specific Calling:

Protection, Direction, Nourishment

The River of God:

A Weaned Soul

Being All Things to All People – a Kingdom/Apostolic Perspective:

Pioneering in the Prophetic in an Assemblies of God Church:

Prelude to Tabernacles and Glory

Feast of Tabernacles

Possessing Our Inheritance:

First Apostles – Secondarily Prophets – Apostle Don Matison and Prophet Russ Walden


Apostle Don Matison and Prophet Russ Walden: “Moving into Unfamiliar Territory”

Apostle Don Matison – “Authority, Rule and the Law of Love”

Letting Go of the Past and Releasing Bitter Root Judgments:

Russ and Kitty Ministering on Discernment and God’s Timing 5/2015

God has made a provision for you to be at the right time and the right place with the right information to have the advantage in life and experience God’s blessing in every endeavor. You are not limited to relying solely on your wits, common sense or natural wisdom and knowledge. Through training and spiritual experience you can access the unlimited mind of God and knowledge of God to know what you need to know in every situation you come up against. Taught in Springfield Missouri in a Prophetic Small Group:

Russ and Kitty Ministering on Retaining Joy 4/2015

What did Jesus teach about joy? Prophets Russ and Kitty Walden teach on the subject of RETAINING JOY. Joy is a key to finding the will of God for your life. Isaiah said you will go out with Joy and be led forth with Peace. Joy is the GPS of God to direct you into the Father’s placement for your life.

Russ and Kitty Ministering on the Heart of the Father at the Branson Conference 3/27:

Russ and Kitty Ministering on Breakthrough in the Emotions:

Emotional and Mental Well Being from a Kingdom Perspective. Inner transformation is not initiated through outward process but inward transformation and connecting to who Jesus is (Christ in You) and who He died to be on the inside of you. Go behind the veil of shallow reasoning and experience the depths of who God is in you through this powerful and insightful teaching. Given at the Monthly Meeting of Russ and Kitty Walden in Springfield, Missouri

Russ and Kitty Ministering on Longevity and the Glory 2/2015

In this teaching on Physical Health from a Kingdom Perspective Prophet Russ Walden explores the connection between the Glory of God and God’s Presence and longevity. Moses experienced prolonged exposure to God’s glory and lived 3 times longer than the average person of his era. You and I are not just VISITED by the glory but INDWELT according the apostle Paul. God’s glory in you heals, extends life and changes you even at a physical level – a powerful teaching. Note: This teaching is available in download format in PDF at

Perspective on the Death of Prophet John Paul Jackson: Did God Kill John Paul Jackson with Cancer?


Hard situations deserve straight answers. John Paul Jackson – a well known prophetic minister died before his time. So will say he died under God’s judgement. Others will say God gave him cancer for some inscrutable sovereign purpose. In this article Russ Walden answers these objections directly and give a biblical answer grounded in the gospel regarding suffering and sickness when it strikes. (Click HERE for article).

2015 Looking Forward – Apostolic Insight:

Apostle Don Matison Teaching on Living in the Hope of Glory

Recently Posted by Pastor Russ Walden on Facebook:

White Privilege, Ferguson, and the Coming Racial Shift in America:

From Youtube: “Can You Take NOW for an Answer?

Audio from Repentance – a Prophetic Perspective:

Other Video Teachings:

Who is the Prophet in Your Life?

2 Chron. 20:20 says if you believe the prophet you will prosper. Who is the prophet in your life? Does it even matter? 2 Chron. 20:20 says believe the prophets and so shall you prosper. The prophet is the ONE ascension gift that Jesus made specific and certain promises about your connection to this gift. Who is the Prophet in your life will point the way to the change you have sought for over the years and no one could help you understand or come to.

Apostle Bob Alarid – The Coming Great Awakening:

March 2014 Live Event: Apostolic Missionary Bob Alarid has proclaimed the gospel in dozens of countries around the world and in this Live Event he shares a powerful vision for a coming Great Awakening:

Apostle Don Matison – Communication through Identification:

Feb 2014 Mediachurch net Live Event:  Prophet Russ Walden interviews Apostle Don Matison at the Live Event for February 2014. Apostle Don worked with Teen Challenge on the West Coast in the early days of the Jesus Movement and he shares out of his experience the need to “COMMUNICATE through IDENTIFICATION.” This is an awesome example of apostolic anointing breaking through cultural barriers with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Priming the Prophetic:

The prophetic word activates the power of God in your life. Personal prophecy is a dynamic force that destroys doubt and creates the conditions that produce breakthrough in your situation. In PRIMING THE PROPHETIC Prophet Russ Walden gives you the necessary means by which the unlimited resources of God’s dunamis power are unleashed in your behalf.

Training Day: Breaking Stagnation in Your Life:

Prophetic Perspective on the Sermon on the Mount


Gaining Maturity in Christ:

Four Hours before the Navy Yard Shooting in Washington DC, this Word was Released:

Financial Breakthrough and Kingdom Economics (Video)

It is heartbreaking the stories we hear of financial suffering and hardship as we travel throughout the US and hear from supporters abroad. In this video Prophet Russ shares the keys he has experienced in his own life that took him from homelessness to serving in a world wide prophetic ministry.

The New Covenant Purpose of the Prophetic (Audio)

There is much arrogance and negativity in the prophetic today. Jeremiah spoke against those who burdened God’s people with problems rather than promises. In this teaching Prophet Russ Walden explores the purpose of the Prophetic from a New Covenant perspective.

God Even Makes Your Mistakes to Prosper (Video):

Do you ever feel like a failure? Do you feel trapped by past mistakes? This is a word of encouragement for you. Throughout bible history men and women made horrific mistakes and STILL came to promotion by the Father’s Hand … this prophetic perspective will give you the keys to activating the Father’s glory and blessing in the midst of your failings and shortcomings.


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